DFER Texas Research: Democratic Families Are Demanding Additional Public School Options


April 5, 2023

Democratic Families are Driving Texas Public Charter School Enrollment, Seeking More Public School Choices

Research conducted by Democrats for Education Reform Texas finds Democratic families across Texas are seeking additional school choices within the public education system. DFER TX finds over 70% of students on public charter school waitlists are waitlisted in schools within Democratic State House districts. Additionally, over 60% of public charter students in Texas attend a school campus located within a House District represented by a Democrat. These findings back up years of research by DFER’s national team who found in 2019 that 89% of African American Democratic primary voters support a proposal to “expand access to more choices and options within the public school system, including magnet schools, career academies, and public charter schools.” DFER national polling has found broad support for public charter schools by Democratic voters, especially Democratic voters of color.

View DFER Texas’ report on demand for public school choice within Texas here.

More information can be found within DFER’s 2021 Democratic Guide to Public Charter Schools.