Garry Jones is Political Director of DFER Texas. Garry moved to Texas over a decade ago and has been involved in Democratic politics at the state, district and local level ever since. Before joining DFER, Garry served as a Chief of Staff in the Texas Senate for over three years and successfully managed Texas’ most competitive State Senate election in the 2018 cycle. Before working to flip a Texas Senate seat, Garry worked as a political communications professional for a Texas-focused Political Action Committee, where he assisted candidates and campaigns across Texas in targeted state legislative races with communications, research and political support. Garry got his professional start in politics in 2012 where he served as a Field Organizer on President Obama’s reelection campaign in the swing state of Ohio. Even in college, Texas politics has been Garry’s passion where he was elected state President of Texas College Democrats while attending Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas.

A native of Ohio, Garry’s second hobby, outside politics, is Ohio State Buckeye football. When he is not strategizing about an upcoming campaign or catching a Buckeye game, Garry is an avid cook, especially of Italian food, and a connoisseur of Texas country music.

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